Systems Specification and Acquisition

We have the skills and proven methodology which provide the framework for selecting and implementing new systems which best support the business and strategic objectives of our clients. In particular our approach is built on:

  • a solid understanding of your organisation and its plans;
  • understanding of your business problems;
  • understanding your business opportunities;
  • how the proposed system will address these;
  • fully current IT industry experience;
  • objective knowledge of solutions adopted by others;
  • communication with the users and your management.

International Standards and Security

We also maintain good working relationships with various finance and banking industry associations including: Payment Councils, International Lending Agencies, Banker’s Associations, and Standards Bodies, as well as accounting and financial professional associations. These various relationships assist us in maintaining and expanding our skills in the application of emerging technology—with a particular focus of security issues and technology risk factors.

Analysis and Recommendations

Our clients expect us to provide incisive analysis and excellent judgement supported by clear explanations and broad experience. We expect the same high quality of ourselves. We also expect our people to convey complex issues and unexpected conclusions with tact, clarity and supporting evidence.

Our clients expect us to follow through with sound project implementation and hands-on technical skills. In response, we stand by our professionalism and judgement which has been proven with the successful implementation of systems, and all supporting regulations and other legal framework and operational requirements to exceed the original expectations of our clients.