Skills and Methodology

We bring a wide range of expertise to our clients including:

  • Analysis of existing banking practices and design and recommendations for system and procedural changes;
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents to funding agency standards (ADB, World Bank etc.) for systems procurement;
  • Assistance in the analysis of proposals from suppliers, managing the procurement process and assisting with contractual negotiations;
  • Advice and guidance on legal and regulatory issues, using senior legal expertise with extensive experience in central banking worldwide;
  • Managing the implementation of systems with special attention to:
    • Project Management;
    • Issue Resolution;
    • Change Management;
    • Operationally focussed Workshops;
    • Education and Training;
    • Systems Testing and signoff;
    • Preparation of operational documentation including formal Rules and Procedures;
    • Effective operational restructuring.

We provide our services with proven international hands on experience, and maintain a flexible approach to all aspects of our work for the benefit of our Clients and the success of the project.