Working with Clients

In all our assignments we expect that BSA Consulting Group will work with the assigned team provided by the Client to achieve the targeted objectives.

We recognise that every client is expert within their own commercial, legal, cultural, and social environment. This local expertise is a mandatory input for any project which is to succeed in delivering a practical, working solution to the business demands and development goal set. Equally, we expect our clients to consider the viability and challenge of the contribution we bring, so that together, the optimum solution is identified. Mutual tolerance for both differences of approach and differences between markets is required. Mixing "local realities" with "international models" demands careful treatment and courage by all project team members and that this approach maximises project benefits.

We work with each client in a shared set of tasks. Regularly scheduled reviews of all work are used to confirm the scope of investigations, the validity of analysis and the practicality of recommendations. Reviews and investigations can take the form of group discussions, seminars, team interviews, formal reports and presentations. When necessary, specific training sessions and supporting material is also delivered